Exporting established products, services and technologies from the UK to India

Unlike traditional venture capitalists, we do not invest in third-party projects. We identify opportunities that we incubate as a project from inception. We export established products, services, and technology from the UK and other western economies by taking best practices to markets where there exist great opportunities. We have a track record of attracting senior and established leaders as CEOs to head our lines of business. With proven sector experience, they deliver projects to schedule and ensure that capital formation is optimised. We manage our projects based on procedures derived from UK PLCs, maintaining tight control on subsidiaries led by experienced expatriate and local management teams with accomplished track records.

We have developed a proprietary incubation process through which we invest our own capital (Phase I funding) in  specifically chosen projects that meet our stringent selection criteria for entry and rollout in India.


Current projects

Red Ribbon Asset Management has the following venture capital projects that are live and ready for investment.

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