Leveraging the growing bi-directional flows of capital between the UK and India and putting our core Mainstream Impact Investment values at the heart of all our fund and project developments

Founded in 2007, Red Ribbon is an Indo-British financial services group building on the legacy of historical, cultural, and socio-economic ties between the two countries. As India’s global economic role has burgeoned and it looks to a golden decade of growth – following the pattern of China’s trajectory template 20 years ago – the UK is shifting into a post-Brexit phase where trading and commercial relationships outside the EU are coming to the fore.

In this context Red Ribbon’s prospects are intrinsically intertwined with India’s forecast evolution from currently the world’s 5th biggest economy (ahead of the UK) to the 3rd biggest, overtaking Japan by 2030. The Company believes these macro-economic changes will yield significant niche opportunities to be exploited in the bidirectional flows of capital between the UK and India.

10 reasons to invest in India

The Perfect Demographics for Growth
India’s population is predicted to overtake China by 2022 and become the largest in the world.
A Global Trading Hub
Major international companies, such as Virgin and Amazon are now moving to India to invest in and participate in the expansion.
Dynamic Real Estate Market
Real estate investment in India’s six major cities doubled in the first half of 2017.
Unprecedented Infrastructure Spending
83,677 kilometres of new road being built over the next 5 years. The UK’s motorway network is a little over 3,000 kilometres.
Supportive Fiscal Regime
There is now a uniform tax regime (GST) across all 29 states of India, and introducing an affordable housing programme with additional tax breaks.
Exceptional Consumer LED Demand
A large part of the 1.34 billion people, an increasing number are sophisticated, technologically literate, and wealthy.
Regulatory Certainty
Demonetisation has removed much of the ‘black economy’ and over 6,000 companies suspected of improper activities have been closed.
IT Hub
India is now recognised globally as a technology powerhouse, with an increasingly IT literate population.
Vibrant Private Equity Sector
        Over the past three years investment in the Indian, Private Equity Sector has had a CAGR of 44%. crossing £36.9 billion in 2019.
A Stable Federal Structure
India’s federal structure offers highly effective risk management, which means that investors are more than ever protected against localised market risk.


Listen to our CEO

Do you want to learn the benefits of investing in India and why now is the right time?  Watch our CEO Suchit Punnose cover why India is an engine room for long-term economic growth and must be included when planning a well-balanced investment portfolio.