We are an Indo - British financial services group building on the legacy of historical, cultural, and socio-economic ties between the two countries. We are owned by founding directors and employees

Our strategy is based on India’s forecast evolution from currently the world’s 6th largest economy to the third-largest overtaking Japan by 2030 and the bi-directional capital flow between the UK and India

Our entire philosophy is centred around the Triple P Bottomline statement – ‘Planet, People & Profit’ delivered via Mainstream Impact Investment principles to create wealth responsibly

Red Ribbon Philosophy

As a Mainstream Impact Investment company, we only invest in projects that deliver measurable environmental and social impact whilst delivering above market rate returns

Red Ribbon Philosophy Image

Firm Overview

Established in 2007 and headquartered in Mayfair, London, we have been offering unique investment opportunities for more than a decade in Indo-British strategies that offer both income and capital growth in the medium to long term


Our Strategy

Our strategy is to apply Mainstream Impact Investment principles in projects and products that benefit from the forecast growth of the Indian economy to the third largest at the end of this decade and the bi-directional flow of capital between the UK and India

Our Team

  • Experts from financial services, real estate and technology
  • Track record of having managed in excess of £1 Billion
  • 25 years of local experience in India

Direct Investments


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