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Fast, frugal, regulated fund and bond hosting solutions

Red Ribbon’s Services division brings the parallel and overlapping Product Structuring Services - our fund hosting and listing team - together with our Corporate Finance team, whose principal role is to manage the incubation of our verticals.

The teams are the nexus where Red Ribbon’s core investment tenets of carbon neutrality and MII are instilled in, respectively, our fund partners - whether internal and external - and to our high growth verticals. The twin processes of supporting our management teams and/or fund managers grow from inception or instruction, through to the point when - either as an incubated vertical or candidate for listing - they are what we call “finance ready” for launch to investors.

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Corporate finance services

Red Ribbon provides a range of services such as business plans, financial modelling, drafting of offer documents and India entry services, including consultation, market strategy, local liaison and resident directors. We also offer startups advice on securing advance assurance for SEIS and EIS, go to market strategy and stakeholder management such as share administration, investor relations and company secretarial work.

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Fund and bond hosting

RRFM hosts all types of traditional funds, offering a full range of strategies in property, equities, fixed income, private equity, venture capital and hedge funds. In addition, taking advantage of Gibraltar’s advanced cryptocurrency regulatory framework, we can host crypto-asset funds. A regulated and listed fund can be launched in 10 weeks at a fixed cost starting at £30,000. Our bond hosting services offer regulated bonds for entrepreneurs who wish to raise capital by way of debt via a technical listing on the Gibraltar Stock Exchange - GSX - to finance the growth of their businesses.