Our philosophy

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Our mission

To create wealth responsibly whilst protecting the planet and uplifting communities.

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Our vision

To become market leaders for Mainstream Impact Investment opportunities by creating a robust and sustainable economic development platform for creating wealth responsibly.

Mainstream impact investment

We have adopted a holistic approach to investment, characterised as Mainstream Impact Investment (MII). A Mainstream Impact Investment approach aims to identify and invest in well-governed, profitable businesses striving to reduce the environmental impact of creating value for society.

Our nested dependency model

The nested dependency model illustrates the interdependent nature of the economy, society, and the environment. Therefore, the transition to a resilient economy must inevitably be led by well-governed businesses striving to reduce the environmental impact of creating value for society.


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MII is key to driving investment towards businesses overcoming global challenges, and the comprehensive approach to analysis offers an attractive risk-adjusted return for investors.


Better risk mitigation

By integrating rigorous financial analysis with ESG factors, an MII strategy takes into account a broader range of risk factors to reinforce the investment decisions needed to sustain performance targets.

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Economy, society & environment

An MII approach seeks well-governed businesses that are both striving to reduce the environmental impact of creating value for society, as well as tracking and reporting how they perform in these areas.


Better returns & lower volatility

The investment landscape is changing and evidence suggests that well-governed businesses with robust ESG standards, and business models have been best positioned and perform better in the markets.

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Capitalise on high growth opportunities

An MII approach seeks innovative businesses that are responding to global challenges, like climate change, disease, and inequality and, meeting the demands of society and governance in the process.


Supports transition to a resilient economy

The MII approach also supports the transition to a resilient economy and offers a mandate to investors who understand the significance of this transition and wish to align their portfolios with these values.

Our process



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