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22Jun / 2017

The Resurgence of Special Acquisition Vehicles: More than a Whim

  In his engaging way, Keynes called it “liquidity fetishism”: whoever decides to invest in a new building or a factory can’t be heard to complain if their investment isn’t immediately available to pay for a haircut or a shave. Long-term investment of that kind, the sort of investment that fuels long-term economic growth, needs […]
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14Jun / 2017

Growth Markets and the importance of infrastructure

        Jim O’Neill (of Goldman Sachs Asset Management) believed “Growth Market economies will be the driver of the world economy in the coming decade”, and he should know because he coined the term back in 2011; and O’Neill recently predicted that by 2020 the four BRIC economies between them would be responsible […]
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07Jun / 2017

The importance of India as a Growth Market

The importance of India as a Growth Market     Growth Markets, those economies with GDP that account for more than 1% of global economic output, have rightly been described as “economic powerhouses”; they simply can’t be ignored, which is why the investment team at Red Ribbon Asset Management have a core principle that no […]
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01Jun / 2017

Leading the Field: India's Position in the Growth Market Group

    Junaid Ahmad of the World Bank forecast a stunning GDP growth for India of 7.2% over the coming year, and he didn’t find it hard to explain why: “India remains the fastest growing economy in the world and it will get a big boost from its approach to GST which will reduce the […]
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25May / 2017

Infrastructure as a Cornerstone for Growth: Bonding the Future

  Red Ribbon Asset Management has an innovative approach to investing in Growth Markets: identifying projects that combine maximum potential for asset growth with measurable impact on communities and the wider environment, and its choice of India as a cornerstone for that strategy is no surprise.   Take, for example, recent trends in infrastructure on […]
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