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25Apr / 2017

What Makes India So Special: A Matter Of Growth...

  India has the fastest growing large economy in the world and by 2020 it will also have the biggest population on the planet, currently second only to China; and the alignment of those two statistics is certainly no coincidence. Together they help explain why Red Ribbon Asset Management has worked so hard to acquire […]
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19Apr / 2017

Ambedkar Day: Celebrating a Legacy of Social Responsibility

  Impact Investment strategies place the community, our wider society and the environment at the heart of modern portfolio management, animating strong returns for investors in a socially responsible way. That philosophy is a crucial part of the way Red Ribbon Asset Management manages its funds, and it has its roots deep in Indian culture […]
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11Apr / 2017

Growth Markets: A Powerhouse for Global Economic Development

                                        Red Ribbon Asset Management has a core principal at the heart of its investment policies: no portfolio can be considered properly balanced unless at least ten percent of the relevant fund is deployed in Growth Markets (https://www.redribbon.co). […]
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05Apr / 2017

An Upward Trend: Eco Hospitality on the Subcontinent

  www.theeco.com At Red Ribbon Asset Management our ongoing interest in EcoHotels means we’ve been keeping a close watch on the Indian Hospitality Sector, and we’re particularly interested in market analysis published by SATTE (The South Asia Travel and Tourism Exchange www.satte.in/ because this highly influential trade body has been successfully calling trends in Hospitality […]
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28Mar / 2017

India in the Post-Brexit World: Something More Than Diplomacy

    The Queen of England learned a new dance this month: she was taught Indian Mudras, or hand gestures, by the celebrated dancer and choreographer Arunima Kumar; and in keeping with the dignity of the occasion the lesson was conducted in the State Room at Buckingham Palace: “We brought Indian Art into Buckingham Palace” […]
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